Capitan "The Lion" Ring

Capitan "The Lion" Ring
Capitan "The Lion" Ring
Capitan "The Lion" Ring
Capitan "The Lion" Ring
Capitan "The Lion" Ring
Capitan "The Lion" Ring
Capitan "The Lion" Ring
By: Galatea


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These rings were created to salute the captain in every man, celebrating the most important elements in a man's life: Loyalty, Beauty, Wisdom, Honor, Family, Hope, Strength and Love. With each ring, a legend is told and unfolds, containing small elements and talismans that are forged, like the ancient swords that inspire them, into deeply oxidized Sterling silver and 14K yellow gold.

Name: "The Lion"
  • Archangel
  • Wings with a sword
  • Wings with a brush
  • Lion protecting its cubs

The lion is a symbol of courage and strength. He is truly the King of the Jungle. The Archangel symbolizes protection from evil. The lion, with his baby in his mouth, symbolizes the act of taking care of one's family, protecting the weak, the young and the innocent.

The pair of wings with a sword in the center symbolizes freedom and  physical strength and the pair of wings with the brush in the center symbolizes creativity, intellectual and spiritual balance.

Underneath the ring is engraved "E Pluribus Unum" meaning, "Out of many, one."  This ring is designed for the man who graces life with great strength and courage.

-Chi Galatea Huynh


Oxidized Sterling silver ring with 14k yellow gold accents.

Dimensions: 32mm x 23mm