Blossom Collection / Shape Memory Jewelry

Blossom Collection / Shape Memory Jewelry
Blossom Collection / Shape Memory Jewelry
Blossom Collection / Shape Memory Jewelry
By: Galatea


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The Most Advanced Jewelry in the World.

The amazing thing about the Blossom Collection is its response to hot and cold temperatures. Our Blossom Pearl Flower will open in the hot sun and will close under cold conditions—it changes its shape in temperatures from 40F to 115F.

You can use a hot cup of tea or a blow dryer when you are drying your hair to get it to “blossom,” or you can dip it in a cold glass of ice water and it will magically close. If you are living a place that has extreme temperatures each season, you will enjoy jewelry from the Blossom Collection as it opens and closes like a living flower.

You don’t have to worry if you accidentally change the Blossom’s shape. All you need to do is to heat it up with a blow dryer or dip in a hot glass of water and it will return to its original form. Wear your Blossom just like other jewelry and take of it the same way but without the worry of distortion.

Bonus feature, The NFC technology (small computer) hidden inside the center of this ring.  Though it looks like a traditional pearl, the NFC chip that remains unseen to the naked eye. Using our Galatea app, a voice message can be recorded and played back whenever the Pearl touches the enabled NFC mobile phone. Images, texts, and videos can also be uploaded and saved for posterity. This is No ordinary piece of jewelry, it is the most advanced piece of jewelry in the world a collectible piece of art, science, and history in the making.

Patented by Galatea  US20200113296A1

Background of Nitinol Metal:

I was searching for a new way to create a magnetic engine. In 2010, I learned about Ridgway Banks, the inventor of the Nitinol engine. This invention—an engine that would run on the magnetic force—is a passion of mine that I explore when I am not making jewelry. Banks demonstrated the first working prototype of this engine at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories in Berkeley, California in 1973. The engine used Nitinol wire. Since then, scientists have used this amazing wire, an alloy made from nickel and titanium, in the medical and dental fields. It is used in a number of ways, including tubes that open arteries to improve blood flow and braces that straighten teeth. As an artist, I saw an unlimited possibility to make art and jewelry from Nitinol.

This collection is created with Nitinol wire, pearls, gems and 14K gold.

Have fun, have a cup of tea and share it with a friend!

Chi Huynh


Pearl size: 11mm and 2-3.5mm (24)