Aloha Pearl

Aloha Pearl
Aloha Pearl
By: Galatea


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What is Aloha Pearl?

Aloha Pearl is magical, it’s holds a secret inside.  Each pearl has the history of Hawaii with stories, poems, postcards, music, videos, maps, and everything you want to learn about Hawaii and its culture.

How does this amazing Aloha Pearl work?

The technology is called “Near Field Communication”. It is in your phone (iPhone & and newer) which you use for Apple Pay. Download the Galatea Jewelry App, tap to Aloha Pearl and music, video, and all of the above contents will play on your phone. That’snot all. You also can save photos and videos into
this pearl from your vacation and treasure your precious moment forever.

Contents inside each pearl:

Music Video by Hawaiian legendary singer , Willie K,

Music Video by Ambassador of Hawaiian Music Amy Hanaiali’i

Music Video by Hawaii’s Soulful  Star, Tavana

and“Voyage Deeper Feel the Spirit of Hawaii”
Videos by Polynesian Cultural Center

The Visitors Guide to Hawaii including Hawaiian Culture, History, Legends, and Traditions and more.


925 Sterling Silver

9.5mm Freshwater pearl

Dimensions: 25mm x  21mm